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I liked the fact that Software Pro was prompt to make changes and never said no.

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Software Pro built a responsive site and was quick to fix any bugs or modification requests from the client. They handled every request that was made of them, and their delivery under a tight deadline was a crucial aspect of their success.

I liked the fact that Software Pro was prompt to make changes and never said no.

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Quality: 5.0
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Project Summary

Software Pro developed and designed a Wordpress site for a prosthetic and orthotics manufacturing company. They wanted to be able to make minor changes to the site without hiring a developer.

  • price tagWeb Development
  • price tagJan. - Mar. 2017
  • price tagLess than $10,000
client Client

Co-Founder, My Wireless LLC

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prosthetics and orthotics company

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Pasadena, California

The Client

? ​​​​​Introduce your business and what you do there.

"We are a prosthetics and orthotics company. I am in charge of marketing."

The Challenge

? What challenge were you trying to address with Software Pro?

" Finding the right quote for our work was a challenge. We had an existing website and wanted the ability to change it ourselves instead of paying a programmer for minor tweaks. We were also facing a tight deadline. "

The Approach

? What was the scope of their involvement?

" I worked hand-in-hand with Software Pro, providing Photoshop images for them to insert into our new template. Software Pro transferred everything from our old website to a new WordPress one. We are using the Visual Composer plug-in on the frontend. One objective was to gain more independence in making edits. Also, most websites are becoming more complex with integrated high-definition video and photos, but we were still in the dark ages with ours. We provide more videos now and have a generally more informative page. The site isn't meant for e-commerce; it’s just for information for patients with prosthetic and orthotic needs. We communicated with quite a few people from Software Pro's team. I've seen at least three or four names in our Basecamp. We communicated daily through the tool."

? How did you come to work with Software Pro?

" Our company owner and I made web searches and came up with different companies. Software Pro's owner kept following up with us, which ultimately led to us choosing their company."

? What is the status of this engagement?

" We started working with Software Pro in late January 2017. The project was completed at the beginning of April."

The Outcome

? Could you share any evidence that would demonstrate the productivity, quality of work, or the impact of the engagement?

" So far, everything is great and we love the site. It's overall responsive, but the layout does change significantly going from a big screen to a mobile device. There is a bit of a delay when first opening the page, but I think that this is normal for any modern page."

? How did Software Pro perform from a project management standpoint?

" Software Pro has had a very good performance with project management. I received at least three messages from three different programmers on a daily basis, telling me what had been updated since our last conversation. Software Pro handled any fixes or modifications we gave them within a day approximately."

? What did you find most impressive about Software Pro?

" I liked the fact that Software Pro was prompt to make changes and never said no. The timely delivery was the best aspect."

? Are there any areas Software Pro could improve?

" They could pay a little more attention to detail. This can be hard to do with a big workload, but we did find small errors and omissions after transferring from one site to the other. There was nothing major, though."

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