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Web Dev & Digital Strategy for Natural Furniture Company

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We set the bar incredibly high, and they were able to deliver.

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Describing the collaboration as an educational experience, the internal staff was pleased with the delivered site assessment. The team's willingness to be flexible by accommodating changes to the scope of work positively impacted the company in cultivating a strong understanding of its technology.

We set the bar incredibly high, and they were able to deliver.

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Quality: 4.5
Cost: 4.5
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Project Feedback

Project Summary

After conducting an audit to asset the performance on an existing Shopify site, Software Pro New York recommended changes and modifications to the UI/UX to make for an enhanced customer experience.

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  • price tagNov. 2019 - Mar. 2020
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client Client

Felix Conran

Director & Founder, Maker&Son

Buildings About

I’m the founder and director of a natural furniture company. We’re a digitally native brand that sells direct-to-consumer.

users Employees

Location Location

Haywards Heath, United Kingdom

The Client

? Introduce your business and what you do there.

"I’m the founder and director of a natural furniture company. We’re a digitally native brand that sells direct-to-consumer."

The Challenge

? What challenges were you trying to address with Software Pro New York?

" I originally built and launched our website myself, but it was a little messy because I don’t have a background in development. We hired them to do some tidying up and make changes that we didn’t have the skills to do in-house. "

The Approach

? What was the scope of their involvement?

" Because our site needed some cleaning up and consolidation, they came on board and examined the current state of the site. From there, they used their expertise to recommend changes and fixes that would make the site more navigable for consumers. We were happy with the work they did and only changed partners when we decided to focus more closely on cataloging. They have the ability to build out all sorts of web assets on Shopify. "

? What is the team composition?

" I’ve worked with about 6–7 of their team members. "

? How did you come to work with Software Pro New York?

" I was looking for a New York-based developer on Upwork, and someone recommended them to us as a full-service agency."

? How much have you invested in them?

" We’ve spent about $20,000."

? What is the status of this engagement?

" We started working together in November 2019, and they completed the project in March 2020."

The Outcome

? What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

" Our team became much more educated on what our website can and cannot do. We’ve taken what we’ve learned from them and organized ourselves more effectively around our technology. "

? How did Software Pro New York perform from a project management standpoint?

" Their project management was decent, but we ended up jumping around a lot for learning purposes. In the end, they had to do some learning in regards to working with us as well. However, they were very flexible, which is exactly what we needed. They were great at meeting deadlines."

? What did you find most impressive about them?

" The team was endlessly flexible, which was brilliant. We set the bar incredibly high, and they were able to deliver."

? Are there any areas they could improve?

" I’d recommend that they be freer with speaking their mind when we’re taking the wrong path. It may not hurt them to be a bit more assertive with their knowledge. "

? Do you have any advice for potential customers?

" If we would’ve had clear goals from the beginning, that would’ve been a huge benefit. That would’ve made their lives easier as well."

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