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Shopify Web Dev & Design for D2C Personal Care Co

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They were very flexible

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Although the website hasn’t launched yet, anecdotal feedback on Software Pro New York’s work has been positive. The team was transparent, responsive, and worked quickly to deliver what was needed.

They were very flexible

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Quality: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Schedule: 4.5
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Project Feedback

Project Summary

Software Pro New York built two new webpages and an enhanced footer for a Shopify website. They took care of both design and development.

  • price tagWeb Development, Web design
  • price tagAug. - Jan. 2020
  • price tagLess than $10,000
client Client

Steve Gordon

Founder, Johnny Bath Inc.

Buildings About

We sell complete boxes of bathroom accessories geared towards men ages 18-35 living in apartments and college dorms

users Employees

Location Location

Westbury, New York

The Client

? Introduce your business and what you do there.

"I’m the founder of a direct-to-consumer bathroom accessories company. We sell complete boxes of bathroom accessories geared towards men ages 18-35 living in apartments and college dorms."

The Challenge

? What challenges were you trying to address with Software Pro New York?

" I needed to develop several new pages for my website. I had worked with another developer that did the bulk of the website work. However, my contract with that vendor was over, so I hired Software Pro New York to build additional web pages. "

The Approach

? What was the scope of their involvement?

" They built two website pages for me and an enhanced footer. They did both design and development. I provided them with some creative direction, but they did the bulk of the design. The website they worked on is Shopify. "

? What is the team composition?

" I worked with two business development people, and three web developers and designers. "

? How did you come to work with Software Pro New York?

" I found them on Upwork."

? How much have you invested in them?

" We spent between $500–$800. "

? What is the status of this engagement?

" I worked with them in August 2020. "

The Outcome

? What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?

" The website is not live yet, so I don’t have any analytics to share. However, I’ve gotten positive feedback on the new webpages. People have told me the layout is intuitive and the pages are easy to navigate. It looks really nice and provides all the information that a user would need. "

? How did Software Pro New York perform from a project management standpoint?

" The project management was very good. The process was really transparent as we all worked together on a shared Skype thread. Everything happened in real-time. "

? What did you find most impressive about them?

" They were very flexible. Unlike other agencies that will only do one or two revisions, they were willing to make additional updates without charging extra. They’re focused on customer satisfaction. "

? Are there any areas they could improve?

" They could be a bit more meticulous in regards to QA. However, I’m very happy with the engagement and would work with them again. "

? Do you have any advice for potential customers?

" Be very specific about what you want. They will do exactly what you ask, so don’t leave any gray areas."

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