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E-Commerce Development for Baking Company

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They were fairly easy to work with!

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Project Feedback

The client was pleased with the final site. Software Pro established effective collaboration by addressing issues and concerns quickly and utilizing Basecamp to manage the project. They were accommodating and easy to work with throughout.

They were fairly easy to work with!

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Quality: 5.0
Cost: 5.0
Schedule: 5.0
Would Refer: 5.0

Project Feedback

Project Summary

Software Pro developed a Shopify site for a baking company. They migrated the client's existing site from Wix to Shopify and implemented some design enhancements.

  • price tagE-commerce Development
  • price tagOct. - Dec. 2021
  • price tagLess than $10,000
client Client

Owner, Baking Company

Buildings About

With my sister I own a baking company. We make and sell Rugelach in both sweet & savory flavors unbaked and frozen.

users Employees


Location Location

Boston, Massachusetts

The Client

? Please describe your company and your position there?

"With my sister I own a baking company. We make and sell Rugelach in both sweet & savory flavors unbaked and frozen"

The Challenge

? For what projects/services did your company hire Software Pro, and what were your goals?

" We needed a new website that will allow fof shipping "

The Approach

? How did you select this vendor and what were the deciding factors?

" I signed up for Upwork and a team was assigned to me"

? Describe the scope of work in detail, including the project steps, key deliverables, and technologies used.

" The team copied my site from and also made upgrades to the look and design"

? How many people from the vendor's team worked with you, and what were their positions?

" I am the only one from my company who worked on this. Upworks assigned a manager, the manager assigned a developer. Initially it was great until he stopped communicating. The project manager then assigned 2 new people who wrapped everything up quickly and professionally!!"

The Outcome

? Can you share any measurable outcomes of the project or general feedback about the deliverables?

" I was a little upset at not being completed on time. However that was due more to a third party (ship station) than the actual work of the developers. I do really like the look if my new site!"

? Describe their project management style, including communication tools and timeliness.

" Communication is via email on basecamp. Phone calls are also possible. In general everything was great. One developer bailed on me and I’m not sure why…. After a couple days I reached out to the project manager who assigned a new, much better team. All good!"

? What did you find most impressive or unique about this company?

" I’ve never used this type of company previously so I have nothing to compare. They were fairly easy to work with!"

? Are there any areas for improvement or something they could have done differently?

" None that I can think of, all good!"

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