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You won't find many companies who act as if your business was their own, but Software Pro does.

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The final site is well designed, portrays a good image, and has helped win new business. Software Pro was easy to work with and were responsive to answer any IT questions from laymen. They guided decision making in a respectful and helpful manner.

You won't find many companies who act as if your business was their own, but Software Pro does.

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Software Pro designed and developed a website to build an online reputation of and gain conversions for a data security company. The team created all mockups and strategy, along with performing SEO and QA.

  • price tagWeb design
  • price tagNov. 2016 - Jan. 2017
  • price tagLess than $10,000
client Client

Yasir Shoukat

Co-Founder, My Wireless LLC

Buildings About

industry's highest standards of eradicating and protecting private data on smartphones.

users Employees


Location Location

Miami, Florida

The Client

? Please describe your company and your position there.

"I am a Co-Founder of My Wireless LLC. My company provides the industry's highest standards of eradicating and protecting private data on smartphones. All re-usable smartphones are put through a comprehensive, multi-step, data removal process to make certain that all private information is permanently deleted."

The Challenge

? For what reason(s) did your company hire Software Pro?

" We had been selling our services and products offline and did not have an online presence. With the growing digital demands, we wanted to switch to a website where customers could see the repute and services we sell as well as do an online check of our business. Thus, a web design service was imperative to have at this stage. "

The Approach

? What were your goals for this project?

" We wanted our website to portray our services and be ready to go in terms of SEO so our customers could see the legitimacy of our business, which would ultimately bring us more conversions and customers."

? How did you select this vendor?

" I searched online for the best web design companies and checked my network for referrals as well. I got many references for Software Pro and saw many reviews over Facebook and other platforms which helped to make my decision that they looked reputable and legit in terms of what they can do."

? Describe the project in detail.

" Once we launched, we had several workshops to understand the site's strategy. We created mock-ups of the logos and web design that helped me, being a layman, to make the right decisions for the direction of the design. Once we agreed on the mockups, the Software Pro team developed it, taking my instructions on pieces I had envisaged. They also performed QA at the end of the project."

? What was the team composition?

" Yes, Hamid [Head of Service Delivery, Software Pro] was our point of contact for the rest of the team. They had designers, frontend developers. and WordPress developers working on various tasks, but it was easy to have one POC to facilitate all the team members helping on the site design. Later on, an SEO team was assigned to help in conversion optimization."

The Outcome

? Can you share any outcomes from the project that demonstrate progress or success?

" The site turned out great for our business. Since the site launch, my customers have the ease to access my company's information via a quick google search that leaves lots of great links that Software Pro created for us. Also, our website is designed well and portrays a great overview of what we do."

? How effective was the workflow between your team and theirs?

" It was great. Hamid and the Software Pro team were easy to work with. We never had any problems. I had to ask questions sometimes for clarity, but they were always respectful, responsive, and friendly."

? What did you find most impressive about this company?

" They are always available to help, along with being affordable. You won't find many companies who act as if your business was their own, but Software Pro does."

? Are there any areas for improvement?

" It's been a great experience overall. They provided 1 month of free maintenance, which I believe should have been at least 3 months, since I had to check the progress of the site during my business operations. Being a layman, testing and verifying takes me more time."

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